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iCognition provides the following Information Management (IM) solution services:

- Third-party solution design and implementation
- Value-added products for HP TRIM
- Bespoke or custom solutions

Third-party Solution design and implementation

As a HP Preferred Partner, a Microsoft Silver Partner and Intelledox Partner, iCognition resell and implement Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) IM products. Our primary solutions are HP TRIM, Microsoft SharePoint and Intelledox.

iCognition has implemented over 80 HP TRIM solutions since 2003, ranging from pure records management systems to enterprise Electronic Document and Records Management Systems, integrations workflow, collaboration portal and Web Content Management Systems.

Their knowledge and experience in the Records Management field informs our implementation of enterprise Microsoft SharePoint solutions to ensure records and legislative compliance is can be provided by these solutions. Additionally, they can provide pure Microsoft SharePoint solutions for content management, collaboration, teamsites and workflow.

iCognition, in partnership with Intelledox offers a document generation and webforms solution to round out enterprise IM platforms.

Their implementation Services includes:

- Business Requirements Analysis
- Innovative Solution Design
- Solution Implementation
- Training and Floor-walking
- eLearning Solutions
- Change Management
- Transition and Ongoing Support

Value-added products for HP TRIM

Their Diem Solutions COTS products provide a comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to gain extra value from their HP TRIM solutions. Their product range includes interfaces for HP TRIM, migration tools, security products and connections to other systems. All products have been implemented in many organisations, have a strong Return on Investment, and can ensure greater user take-up and adoption of HP TRIM-based solutions.

This suite of products unleashes the power of HP TRIM:

- Diem Portal: Web-based single personalised gateway to corporate information.
- Diem Mobile: Mobile app for HP TRIM to access your documents anywhere, anytime, any device.
- Diem Explorer: Windows Explorer interface to transition end users from network directories.
- Diem Security: Monitoring and auditing tools to help assure your corporate information.
- Diem Broker: Middleware solution to connect HP TRIM to business applications.
- Diem Migration: Intelligent document and TRIM dataset migration tools.
- Diem Adapters: Connectors for specific systems to TRIM, e.g. Nuance eCopy and Microsoft Exchange.
- Diem Folder Creator: Automatically creates a fixed set of subfolders under a record.

Bespoke or custom solutions using HP TRIM or Sharepoint

iCognition has developed custom solutions for a number of organisations, including secure document and tracking systems, asset management systems, and custom business process systems. Using .Net development we can develop presentation and transaction layers on top of HP TRIM or within Microsoft SharePoint to provide for the complete user experience. They use User Centered Design methods to gather requirements and design interactions, and agile methodologies to produce fast results.

Services include:

- Custom Solutions: They can build specific solutions around HP TRIM or SharePoint to deliver important requirements.
- Systems Integration: They can integrate existing applications to HP TRIM or SharePoint to ensure records are captured and available via the business application. Refer to the Systems Integration page for more detail.
- Data and Document Migration: They can migrate folders, files, security and location information into HP TRIM or SharePoint. iCognition has Diem Migration solutions for document and data migration to HP TRIM (refer to Diem Enterprise Solutions above).