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Facilitate the move from paper to digital methods of business.

Improve business efficiency and productivity.

Protect documents and records.

Improve recordkeeping capability.


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We can help you in this transformation and Digitise your World.



InfocentriK stands for Information and Knowledge and believes organisations operational success comes from both how Knowledge is gained out of recorded information as well as gained knowledge is always recorded as information.


We implement the software we supply.

This means you only have to deal with one local supplier that understands your requirements and implements the software to meet those requirements.

EDRMS Taxonomy / Classification:

We study your Organisation’s structure and based on your request, Classification structure can be set up. Classifications are a hierarchical file structure to manage your records.

This can be regarded as an effective means to manage and control your Organisation’s records. 

Hierarchical Classification Plan, also assists in the Retention and Disposal of records.

EDRMS Workflow:

We understand your nature of Business.

We can set up workflows for your business activities in order to ease out your Business Operations.

Data Migration:

It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade or consolidation.

In this fast paced world, we know how crucial an Upgradation is.

When performing the data migration, the most important criterion of success both during and after the transition is maintaining the quality of the data.

We can assure your Data Integrity and Quality. 

We are specialized in migrating the data from Legacy systems to latest upgrades.

We are specialized in migrating your contents (Records/Documents) along with your existing Metadata or any file formats.

We can integrate the data from technical and business processes from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information. Just give us your requirement and leave the rest to us. 



We configure Content Manager to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Your organisational requirements will be fulfilled while configuring Content Manager’s functionality.

We make sure that your employees will feel at ease to operate the system after successful Configuration.

Different Dataset can be configured based on your Business Operations. Our Consultants will get a clear idea of what you are looking to achieve to enable your organisation’s set up to be tailored in accordance to your needs.

We understand your line of business and do the Configuration.


Security (Roles):

Security policies are an Organisation's first line of defence. Every Company needs to have a Security model.

Based on your Organisation’s structure, we will implement your Security roles model. This ensures secure access to your system.

Your confidential records are protected from being falling onto others prey.