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Improve business efficiency and productivity.

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InfocentriK stands for Information and Knowledge and believes organisations operational success comes from both how Knowledge is gained out of recorded information as well as gained knowledge is always recorded as information.

IK Consultancy Services:


Our Consultancy Services Team are keen to support you in your drive to grow your organisations delivery capability and have the following expertise

ü  Information Management Assessments

o   Requirements Gathering, Business Case preparation, Conducting Workshops, Change Management, Review Processes

ü  Information Architecture

o   Metadata schema, Taxonomy, Security, Configuration, Classification, Retention and Disposal, Workflow

ü  Information Governance

o   IM Strategy, IM Audit, IM Policy, PRA Compliance, Implementation Services, Training

ü  ECM/EDRMS Consultancy

o   SharePoint, OPENTEXT/RM/CM, Objective and FileNet

Business Analysis:

We can assist your business with scoping, requirements and specifications, business process analysis, documentation, etc.

If it has focus on managing information, then we are the `go to' people. 


As per The Public Records Act 2005,
“No-one may dispose of any public (i.e. central or local government) record without authorisation from the Chief Archivist”.

Looking, what to do with your records? Leave it to us. We create and manage Archival Schedules based on your Requirement.

By applying Archival schedules to your Organisation’s records, you will be able to control and manage your physical and electronic records in an automated manner.

Information Audit / Health Checks:

InfocentriK makes sure that your system is Competitive and Robust, by offering periodic health checks.

We closely monitor the system’s performance.

After each Health Check, we provide Health reports and consultation for betterment.

We care for your systems.


Process review:

Our Business Process Review begins with an evaluation of your current practices, which is done through a thorough analysis of your people, process, and technology.

The review helps to define some Critical Success Factors (CSF), the areas where an organization must perform well in order to be successful.



We can provide detailed documentation of the work we perform for you.

Well written documentation provides your staff with knowledge they can refer back to and provides a baseline of the configuration.

We can support in Business case preparation as well.