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Document management solution makes it easier for users to access, collaborate, manage documents with ease. 

Document management involves the day-to-day capture, storage, modification and sharing of physical or digital files within an organization.


Document management focuses on:


·         Minimize loss of incorrectly filed and lost documents.

·         Provide quick search and always retrieve documents.

·         Help to better organize documents to suit your business process.

·         Improve the general work processes and organizational efficiency.

·         Reduce the amount of physical space occupied and become a digital organisation.


Add context to digitized documents


·         Create reusable document fields that note key document information or attributes, like document author and approval time.

·         Build standard document templates that can be applied to different documents or folders.

·         Connect related documents like e-mails and their attachments, using document links.

·         Track, display and compare document versions.

·         Sign and validate documents with digital signatures.

Find documents with search option


·         Find specific words or phrases within document text, metadata, annotations and entry names.

·         Use pre-set search options to search by document creation date, the names of users who checked out documents and other metadata.

·         Enable fast user adoption with customized document viewing and search settings.

·         Instantly generate searchable text on scanned documents using optical character recognition (OCR) and full-text indexing.

·         Find content that includes related words or phrases in search results.

·         Perform routine searches in one click with custom quick searches that save search preferences.

·         Find documents associated with specific business processes.