Project Management

InfocentriK uses Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology for implementation & upgrade projects. We have several years of experience in delivering EDRMS implementation projects. Our project team works closely with our customers and partners achieving the desired end result within the predictable budget and timeframe.  

The RUP is made up of iterative building blocks that determine the effort, skill and time required to complete a project. Each iteration consists of four phases and begins its journey incrementally.


RUP model.PNG

Inception Phase

The scoping and rationalisation of the project take place in the inception phase. This is where the project is initiated and business models are developed:  

·       Business case is created

·       Financial Forecast and Budget is approved

·       Internal selling of the project

·       Project Plan is created

·       Stakeholders identified

When the project gets established, stakeholders gets notified and the project team is formed. The project team starts developing the framework for the deliverables:

·       A Communication Strategy

·       A Change Management Strategy

·       Estimating the project management constraints

·       Risks Management strategy

·       A high-level Requirements documentation

Elaboration Phase

Elaboration phase kicks off when project team gets established and business requirements are set to stone. Workshops are held to elaborate and define the requirements so that the business use cases can be created. Project team gets the responsibility of completing the following tasks:

·       Create Project Implementation Plan

·       Refine Project Plan

·       Requirements are documented in detail

·       Create Data Migration Plan

·       Analysis and model metadata

·       Analysis and model security 

·       Create Training Plan

·       Create Functional and Technical design


Construction Phase

Construction Phase is where the team gets to build, implement and configure the purchasing system. The team follows agile approach when it comes to implementing the document and records management solution. By this stage, the Project Plan gets finalised and Risks are monitored. Training plan gets reviewed and support model is discussed. The following tasks are completed during this stage:

·       Requirement Environments Setup

·       Complete the Installation

·       Complete the Software Configuration

·       Complete the Security Configuration

·       Start Data Migration

·       Complete Functional and Non-functional Testing


Transition Phase

In Transition Phase the system is rolled to the end users for the user acceptance testing of the system. The user training is initiated and the project team prepares for the project closure once all of the objectives are met and project milestones are reached. The following tasks are completed during this stage:

·       Complete User Acceptance Testing

·       Begin the Data Migration Process

·       Production Environment Go-Live

·       Project closure and handover

·       Execution of Support model