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Micro Focus acquired TRIM when the company bought the Australia-based TOWER Software, a leading provider of EDRM solutions for 23 years, in 2008.  The solution has gone through a major transformation and is now known as MF Records Manager (or MF RM).

The leading document and records management system MF RM delivers compliance policy management and organizational efficiency. With tight desktop integration and scalability, MF RM lets you capture, manage and access your enterprise information in a secure manner, from electronic to physical records and from creation to disposal.  MF RM is suitable for all organizations, from 5 users to very large distributed environments.

About Micro Focus (MF)

MF focuses on simplifying technology experiences for all of its customers, from individual consumers to the largest businesses. With a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure, MF is among the world’s largest IT companies.


MF Records Manager Electronic Document and Records Management System


- Seamless Integration to Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365

- Easy to understand and User Friendly User Interfaces, including two web interfaces and a mobile client

- Access through Web Clients (HTML 5)

- Automatic Version Control

- Comprehensive Security to your information

- Word-class Search engine

- Integrated Records Management

- Simple and Advanced Graphical Workflow

- Bar code support for transfer of physical records

- Template Management

- Email Management

- Build in Viewer supports more than 1000 file formats

- DoD5015, VERS, TNA2002, ISO2788, ISO15489, PRA compliance

- Open and well documented SDK enables integration to virtually anything

- Extremely Scalable (unlimited users, unlimited servers, 9 quintillion (unlimited) records)

- Server 2008, 2010 and 2012 compatible

MF RM SharePoint integration

- Seamless integration to SharePoint 2010 and 2013

- End-Users will love the interface and simplicity whilst you transparently manage your records

- Easily map document libraries to Records Management metadata in your MF RM EDRMS

- Capture all SharePoint objects (sites, calendar items, forums, news feeds, libraries, etc.)

- Through the use of templates manage your SharePoint effectively and prevent unmanageable growth

- Set up and manage your storage facility as a graphical hierarchy of arranged storage space

- Easily publish information from MF RM to your websites (both internally and externally)

- No need for high-speed disks and easily create new space, change or remove existing space (keep SharePoint “small”)

- Manage the complete lifecycle for SharePoint documents and records

- Provide security for SharePoint information, including integrated authentication

- Use federated search capabilities across SharePoint, multiple MF RM/TRIM datasets and all other information sources

MF RM Rendering module

- Create new renditions for selected records: PDF format for long-term storage of printable documents and TIFF format for redaction - and public information sharing

- Control records for permanent archiving

- Prioritise records for rendering, and view existing renditions

- Prevent records from being rendered, and troubleshoot records that have difficulty being rendered

MF RM module for SAP integration

- Capture SAP documents and metadata through SAP ArchiveLink for information sharing and SAP records management

- Organise SAP ArchiveLink information into context or containers of related information for a centralised view

- Enable non-SAP users to review SAP information without needing to use or learn the SAP system

- Automatically store SAP documents into client folders, leveraging powerful MF RM information management structures

MF RM module for Auto Classification

- Configure and teach MF RM to auto classify your documents

- Users simply save their documents to a managed folder and the system will move the records to the correct classification

MF RM module for Space Management

- For large storage facilities with lots of physical records, the Space Management module is for you

- Automatic calculation of the available storage space for your boxes

- Allocation of available storage space when collections are offered to be stored and managed

- Reporting to show the amount of space used and still free

- Billing possibilities for commercial organisations or charge-back to departments

MF RM module OCR

- Do you have scanned images in your environment that have never been OCR-ed?

- Do you want to increase the value of your records?

- The MF RM module for OCR can identify these records and make them text searchable

- The IDOL indexing engine will ensure you can search through the content of these records