EzeScan Automate

Make a hard job easy!

Production scanning tends to consist of fairly repetitive tasks. Those tasks include batch document preparation, scanning,

QA, indexing, storing documents. EzeScan can be used to create simple jobs to process these tasks. Those jobs are presented in a ‘Job Button’ interface, which makes it easy to run jobs over and over again.

Optimal document quality is enhanced through the use of automated image enhancements like deskew, despeckle, crop, erase, delete blank pages, auto rotate.

Using these features, helps to reduce the need for excessive quality assurance, which therefore eliminates the need to rescan poor quality documents.

Use recognition engines to build highly automated data capture workflows.

Apply strict data verification rules to all field data thereby ensuring good quality data is captured.

Utilise ODBC lookups to further validate metadata against legacy systems.

The ‘automation’ options ensure that documents are processed efficiently, with little or no human intervention.