EzeScan Capture

Capture relevant information from your scanned documents quickly.

To make scanned documents really useful, the documents need to be filed with relevant indexing information.

This will enable you to quickly search for and find those documents later on.

In a simple filing system, documents were stored in folders, and limited metadata was manually data entered like ‘Title or ‘Description’.

But today with the advent of Document Management Systems this has been expanded with the addition of Document Types (e.g. Invoice) and multiple indexes (Invoice number, date, supplier, total).

EzeScan can be easily configured to work with simple filing requirements, or more specific EDRMS requirements.

Indexing metadata can be manually data entered, or automatically captured from forms using EzeScan’s builtin recognition engines.

Recognition Engines include:

- OCR (Type characters)
- ICR (Handwriting)
- OMR (Tick boxes)
- BCR (Barcodes)
- MICR (Magnetic ink characters)

MICR can be used to capture Magnetic ink character data off scanned cheques.

Smart OCR (Supplier Invoice Processing)

Utilising recognition engines to read indexing data will typically help reduce data entry to a mere fraction of those keystrokes required for manual data entry.